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Working with Dr. Juliet

**Receive an intuitive assessment of deep underlying causes of your current health problems: Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual
**Receive help to address and release these deep underlying blocks to full and complete healing
**Counseling, EFT, energy work, meditation, guided imagery techniques, and intuitive downloads will be shared to help you dig deep and move past your limiting beliefs.

Intuitive Healing and Mediumship

From a very early age I realized that I was different from other people.    It has taken me many years to master the continual influx of information that I am able to receive from the world around me.   On this journey of self discovery I have developed the skill  and the discernment necessary to use these gifts to help others  as an empath, an intuitive healer and a medium.  I bring these gifts to every session I have with a client and can incorporate this information in any guidance or healing program that we create together.   I have many clients who work with me primarily in this way to gain deeper insight into their emotional holding patterns, trauma wounding, ancestral trauma patterning and mental blocks.  Accessing and healing the higher levels of your being allow you to truly liberate yourself from dysfunctional patterns and create a healthier more loving relationship with yourself.  This in turn restores your physical body to balance and health.

Manual Therapy And Somatic healing Sessions

In the past 16 + years I have integrated many levels of study and practice of different bodywork and energetic healing techniques.  My foundational training in Osteopathic Manual Therapies like Craniosacral Therapy, Cranial Osteopathy, Visceral Manipulation, and Fascial release work have been integrated with additional learning around the mind-body connection.  A Manual Therapy session with me can incorporate any or all of these techniques depending on your needs and interests.  I have found that engaging clients actively in their own healing process via guided imagery, breathwork, biofeedback, Emotional Freedom Technique etc is incredibly powerful and results in deeper and more lasting change and healing.

Book your 60 min Manual Therapy Session with me today!

Naturopathic Medicine

As a Naturopathic Physician with more than 16 years of clinical experience, it is my number one priority to  listen to your health history, review diagnostic testing and physical exam results and provide you with insight into underlying causes of your health problems as well as a systematic plan to restore your health.  I may recommend additional diagnostic testing if necessary to look deeper for causal factors in your case.  

All aspects of your life will be considered when reviewing your case; this includes your past medical history,  family history, current diet and lifestyle choices/practices, medications and a full review of your body systems.  Our health is the result of the full balance of who we are and how we are choosing to live our lives physically, mentally and emotionally.

Book your Initial 60 minute Naturopathic consult  to get started on your way. 

** PLEASE NOTE: I continue to offer access to comprehensive stool testing, Lifelabs based blood testing panels and food sensitivity testing.  With the changing nature of my practice offerings, I am no longer providing comprehensive urine hormone panel testing, Organic acid testing or other complex test kits that require in office serum blood draws. I currently refer out to other practitioners for this type of work-up.

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