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"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have."


My Mission:

  • ​To hold a space of truth, compassion and transformation 

  • To support you in your journey into alignment with your highest truth and integrity of self

  • To share information, knowledge, guidance, tools, and recommendations that will best serve your growth and healing in each now moment. 


My Story:

I have always been a sensitive soul. Are we born this way or does life make us become this way?  I like to think it is a bit of both. Growing up I would describe myself as an empathic, intuitive child with sensitivities tending toward psychic experiences and awareness of souls who have passed on from this life.  As you can imagine this was quite confusing, and overwhelming. I was left with a deep sense of fear and being different from others for much of my life. Simultaneously, it created in me a deep awareness of other people and an ability to perceive and understand the emotional/energetic field of all beings around me. For this reason, among others, I began to orient my life towards being a healer or helper of some kind as an opportunity to use these gifts for good.

After high school, I spent one year living in Ecuador volunteering at a school for indigenous children. Upon my return, I pursued undergraduate studies in Counseling and Social Work and began working with medicinal plants. Along the way I discovered Naturopathic Medicine and recognized it as a more holistic, compassionate form of health care. Prior to attending medical school, I spent time working as a social worker for children/teens with Cerebral Palsy and developmental disabilities. This was a formative and impactful time in my life.

As so often happens with people who have highly attuned and activated nervous systems, I have had a challenging personal health journey. After a long history of health problems, unanswered questions and disillusionment with conventional medical care, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a genetic autoimmune disease of the small intestine. With hard work, determination and a combination of plant medicines, pharmaceutical medication, diet change and much personal emotional and trauma healing, I have reclaimed my health. In August 2019 I celebrated a “no evidence of Crohn’s Disease” colonoscopy result with a full discharge from gastroenterology care.   This was an incredibly confirming moment for me and I look forward to sharing what I have learned during the healing process with others who are struggling with chronic disease.

I am the mother of two intelligent and talented daughters, and continue to learn so much from watching a young person unfold into herself. My time spent living in South America enabled me to become fluent in written and spoken Spanish and I enjoy providing care for Spanish speaking patients. I have an artistic spirit and have performed as a vocalist and a dancer throughout my life. In my free time I enjoy reading, being in nature, gardening, working with The Singing Horse Herd and enjoying time with family and friends.



I studied Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University and completed clinical training at The Bastyr Center for Natural Health. I have been in private practice in BC and licensed by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia since 2005. Early on in my medical training I discovered Osteopathic Medicine. I began to immerse myself in the additional study of Craniosacral Therapy, Osteopathic Manual Therapies, Fascial Rebalancing, Visceral Manipulation, and Somato-Emotional Release with the Upledger Institute, The Integrative Bodywork Institute, and clinic rotations at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health. In addition, I have independently worked on the study and development of my own intuitive and energetic gifts, incorporating elements from Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT), Chakra balancing techniques, Pranic healing, BioFeedback, Guided Imagery Relaxation Techniques, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Linking Awareness animal communication classes.

​My journey has brought me to a place of deep awareness of the interconnectedness of life and of the powerful role our mind and emotions play in our ability to be present and to be as healthy as possible. 

 My skill set in physical structural release  pairs beautifully with my training in counseling and intuitive healing techniques to provide me with a unique skill set for helping patients process and heal the body, mind and spirit.

I enjoy working with patients on this level whenever there is indication and interest.

Because of my personal struggle with Crohn's disease throughout much of my early adult life, I have developed a strong interest in helping others with their digestive health.  It has become a central focus in my practice to help those who struggle with everything from simple IBS to complex chronic digestive disorders that have not been helped by mainstream medical treatment.

I also have significant experience managing women's health concerns, chronic stress and adrenal dysregulation, thyroid disorders, skin conditions, mood disorders, and autoimmune disease, to name a few.

I enjoy working with infants, children and adolescents, particularly for digestive health and for osteopathic structural rebalancing.

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