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What is an intuitive healing session?

Prior to our session I will open to insight and guidance into your current state of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Any blockages, emotional holding patterns, past trauma, current stressors that are actively impeding your healing will be presented and shared with you.  The focus will be to receive insight into that which you are ready to shift or release in that moment. A session can then involve counseling, coaching techniques, directed breathwork, EFT tapping support, energy balancing techniques, mediumship messages, and hands on manual therapy for structural holding patterns if you are in office with me. 


What is Somatic Therapy or Somatoemotional Release?

The word Somatic refers to the physical body.  A Somatic healing session involves working with emotional energy, memory or trauma that can be stored in the cells and tissues of our bodies. Talk therapy and counseling are helpful interventions to work with memories, mental thought patterning, and understanding our past lived experiences intellectually.  This is a step in our healing process.  The mental understanding then needs to be translated or brought down to the level of our tissue and cellular memory of the pain, trauma or emotion.  In this process we fully integrate, heal, and release from all levels of our being and are then able to move forward with a new awareness, a new story and a new level of functioning. 

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care profession that is founded on  the following principles:

The Healing power of Nature


There is  inherent intelligent self-healing and self-regulating  process in the human body. This process maintains balance and health.

Find and Treat the Cause

Uncover the underlying obstacles to healing and remove them.  Do not focus on the suppression of symptoms.

First Do no Harm


Utilize methods and medicinal substances which minimize harmful side effects, using the least force necessary to diagnose and treat 


Doctor as Teacher


Naturopathic physicians educate their patients and encourage self-responsibility for health


Treat the Whole Person


Naturopathic physicians understand that an  individual's physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, genetic, environmental, and social factors can


impact their health both positively and negatively.


The key to long-term health is preventing the onset of disease by optimizing health at all levels.



What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

Naturopathic doctors are educated and trained in accredited naturopathic medical colleges. They diagnose, prevent, and


treat acute and chronic illness to restore and establish optimal health by supporting the person's inherent self-healing


process. Rather than just suppressing symptoms, naturopathic doctors work to identify underlying causes of illness, and


develop personalized treatment plans to address them. Their Therapeutic Order identifies the natural order in which all


therapies should be applied to provide the greatest benefit with the least potential for damage.


What medical training does a licensed ND receive?


 A licensed Naturopathic physician is required to complete  a 4 or 5 year accredited Naturopathic Medical Degree program, 


a minimum of 2 years of clinical training, and to pass 2 sets of clinical  board certification exams.


A Naturopathic Physician is trained to function as a primary care physician and depending on the scope of practice under 


their license, they may be certified to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs and order diagnostic testing and imaging options.  


Please refer to your state or provincial regulatory body to determine the scope of practice for NDs in your area.

For more FAQs on Naturopathic Medicine Click Here.

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