• Dr. Juliet Ghodsian

Gut Instinct

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Welcome to my Blog!

Please join me as I share with you my journey of healing and discovery. Join me to learn pearls of wisdom about health, disease and everything in between from my years of private practice as a Naturopathic physician. I have decided to call this blog Gut Instinct because so much of what I have learned along the way has shown me that our guts are very closely linked to our sense of self-love, boundaries and identity.

I will share different things with you as we go along. I will share my story. The Who, the How, the Why and the What now? of someone who receives, lives with and heals from a diagnosis of Crohn's Disease.

I will share what I struggled to learn about myself and about disease as I slowly clawed my way back to health and balance. Sometimes it won't be pretty, it might even be painful to read, but that is what real living and real healing looks like.